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When staying at Setouchisou, how about enjoying the specialty of Shikoku Sanuki?
In Sakaide City in the Kusakabe area of ​​Kagawa Prefecture, we will tell local families familiar events, gourmet etc only to customers of Setouchisou.
  • Tourist attractions

    We will introduce tourist attractions near our hotel.
    • Seto Ohashi Bridge

      Yoshima and Sakaide is the Minami Bisan Seto Bridge Kita Bisan Seto Bridge with a total length of 1,611 m, the Kita Bisan Seto Bridge and 1,723 m in total length.Minami Bisan Seto Bridge bridge is the world's longest bridge as a combined railroad and road, the height of the main tower is 194 m, the height of the bridge girder is 65 m from the sea level, and the large tanker easily passes through it.From the hotel every day from 8 o'clock the Seto Ohashi Night view sightseeing bus is undergoing popular evaluation.
    • 30 minutes by car from the hotel

      Zentsuji Temple

      Zentsuji Temple of the Shingon sect principal mountain famous as the place of birth of Kobo Daishi, Shikoku's sacred sites No. 75 Buddhist temple.It consists of a East wing and Saiin, Kondo Golden Hall pagoda, bell tower to the east, to the west lined with Shodo around the Mieido that (Daishi was born).National Treasures such as "Buddhist sutra of one charater, one buddha" are stored in the western treasure hall.
    • 30 minutes by car from the hotel

      Kotohira-gu Shrine

      Kotohira-gu Shrine, familiar as "Sanuki no Kompirasan", is famous as the god of the sea.If you climb the long stone steps of 785 steps, main shrine welcomes you as if you exhausted the tiredness so far.There is no time for people to disappear in familiar Kotohira-gu Shrine, which is familiar to the common people all over the country today.
    • 35 minutes by car from the hotel

      Ritsurin Park

      About 370 years ago, the Lord of Takamatsu of Lord of Takamatsu · Takatoshi Ikoma-ko started building a bachelor house, and the Takamatsu Clan was built by generations for generations, Ritsurin Park.The koi is swimming elegantly in the pond which is divided into the Migaku Daimyo garden "south garden" and "moderately modernistic" northern garden ", which is familiar with the"taiko-bashi"nicknamed the Engetsu-kyo Bridge.

      In addition, in the Kagawa property brewery "Kuribayashian" next to the park, many traditional crafts boasted by Kagawa, popular souvenirs and seasonal items such as stylish goods in Kagawa prefecture, Sanuki udon, Washonsan, I prepared it.Please see the selection shop products.
    • 30 minutes by car from the hotel


      Shikoku theme park representing Shikoku.
      Watching, playing, experiencing and am entertaining everyone at various events.

      Naka Shikoku's largest pool is open for the summer only!

      Even Setouchi-so, you can purchase advance tickets.
  • Nearby Recommended Sightseeing

    • Island of continental island, Sayajima

      5 minutes by car from the hotel to the direction of Seto Ohashi Bridge by car,
      Shimajima island which landed due to landfill at the time of construction of the Seto Ohashi Bridge.

      There is Sayajima Beach, the only one in Sakaide City, and it has been selected as one hundred selection of free water baths by the Ministry of the Environment.

      In 2005, we established a Kagawa Prefectural Kaii Higashiyama Wuyi Setouchi Art Museum from prefecture and Yukari deep.In addition, it is familiar to many people, such as being used Setouchi International Art Festival the venue of Setouchi International Art Festival.
    • Uyuni salt lake in Japan, Parent Famigahama

      Parents' beach called Uyuni salt lake in Japan
      In recent years, attention is focused on young people and spot of attention degree number one.

      It is about a kilometer of beach and many guests visit in the summer.
      The beautiful scenery chosen as one hundred Japanese sunset selections is worth a visit.

    • Island of Art【Naoshima】

      Art work scattered throughout the island,
      The museum itself is a unique architecture,
      "Naoshima" where the scent of art drifts even to houses and public baths to accommodation facilities.
  • Tour of Sanuki Udon

    Naka area where Setouchisou is located is Udon no Mecca.There are many famous stores.
    The front desk has prepared a neighboring udon map.
    • Udon no longer udon

      Ultra-popular restaurant representing Sakaide "Udon noodles".
      There are only 8 seats in the auditorium, but here it is natural to eat outside!
      While feeling a comfortable wind in the spreading country scenery
      From local people to tourists are always crowded.
    • Hinode Seimenjo

      Udon shop says business hours are about one hour.
      Of course one hour is a long line!

      Those in a hurry should line up before opening the store!
  • Around the museum

    It is not only udon!
    Kagawa prefecture also has one side as art town,
    Seto islands of the Inland Sea and, have common a variety of works of art in town.

    In warm and mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea
    It is recommended to visit the museum calmly!
    • Kaii Higashiyama Wuyi Setouchi Art Museum

      Kagawa Prefectural Kaii Higashiyama Wuyi Setouchi Art Museum

      〒 762 - 2006, Kagawa Prefecture Sakaide City Sayajima character Nantong 224-13

      Opening hours
      From 9 am to 5 pm (Admission is until 4:30 pm)

      closing day

      Monday (open on holiday, closed next Tuesday)
      End of Year/Beginning of Year(December 27th to January 1st)
      Exhibition preparation period

      ※Golden week (April 29th to May 5th (※ May have 6 transfer holidays)), school summer holidays are closed every day.
         However, when overlapping with the exhibition preparation period, temporary closure will be closed.
    • Marugame City Inokuma Seiichiro Contemporary Art Museum

      ◎ Marugame City Inokuma Seiichiro Contemporary Art Museum
      Kagawa prefecture Marugame city Hamacho 80-1

      ◎ Opening Hours
      10: 00-18: 00 (Admission is until 17:30)

      ◎ closed day
      From the 25th to the 31st of the year at the end of the year, and the extraordinary closing day due to exhibition change etc.