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You can feel the warmth of people

  • We are waiting for the death of everyone from the bottom of my heart.
  • Setouchi-so is undergoing aging in the facility, and we undertake some renovation work every year.
    I've been doing renovations such as large public baths, restaurants, lobbies, some rooms, etc.,
    Still it is only a part which does not reach yet.

    In the meantime, as we can now do to our guests, we offer rooms of comparatively reasonable price,
    And we are preparing services that are close to each person so that customers can smile.
    All of the staff will do our best.

  • Rakuten Travel Award 2017, Gold Award·Japan's Inn TOP 47 double award

    This time, I was awarded double for "Rakuten Travel 2017 Gold Awards and" Japan's Top 48 inns "in the prefecture's Ryokan Division No. 1.
    Rakuten Travel Award is the fifth award winning, but I am delighted that all the staff were able to receive double as a winning prize Gold Award and Japanese inn TOP 47.
    This is also thanks to everyone who has always been using Setouchi-so who is cheering for it.
    Setouchi-so of 2018 years, so we will continue more luck than as delight our customers, thank you very much.
  • Rakuten Travel Breakfast Festival 2017, Earn 1st place in Kagawa Prefecture

    Rakuten Travel Breakfast Festival 2017, Earn 1st place in Kagawa Prefecture

    Thanks to everyone's patronage, I received such a wonderful prize.
    From now on also stick to the handmade more, please enjoy the deliciousness and pleasures that the customer can smile to the full score.
    We will pursue every day.

It is OK to use it in the business scene

  • Business

    Seto Ohashi Bridge Good location just across the street!
    Free Parking★Full breakfast buffet service★Natural hot spring public bath★
    Many businessman repeaters

    30 minutes by car to Takamatsu.
    Access to each city of Shikoku is excellent also from Sakaide IC!
    About 80 minutes to Naruto IC, about 100 minutes to Matsuyama IC, about 85 minutes to Kochi IC

Ideal for the base of 88 places to go Shikoku!

  • Pilgrimage

    Shikoku a base for visiting eight hundred eight places in Shikoku!
    It takes about 8 minutes by car from our hostel to the No. 78 Buddhist Gosyoji Temple'Gosyoji Temple shrine', about ten minutes by car to the 79th Buddhist temple 'Tennoji Temple'
    Kobo Daishi Kukai 's birthplace, the 75 th Tadashi Zentsuji Temple is about 20 minutes by car and it is recommended as a pilgrimage lodging place.