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  • A breakfast buffet in region No.1 with a reputation for tasty homemade products!

    A breakfast buffet is included with all guests who have stayed.

    【Freshly made, baked customer】

    Many prepared dishes that stick to home-made products with the concept in mind.

    Baked in a stone kiln for pizza, freshly made margherita is a popular signboard menu 🎵
    A cup of coffee, in addition to a full-fledged coffee machine, chose carefully selected beans
    Grinded coffee like a coffee specialty store can be drunk luxuriously!

  • Ultimate Homemade Yogurt

    Homemade yoghurt made with proprietary recipe has less acidity
    It is finished in a very rich and rich yoghurt.

  • Baked bread

    Every morning, ready baking baked in the kitchen!
    Because bread is baked a little, you can enjoy various kinds of bread.
  • Homemade curry made by my aunt in heart

    Curry's favorite owner himself, the ultimate curry supervised
    Every day, a stub's aunt work harder because of popular menu
    I am making it with all my heart (^ ^)

    Everyone is delicious from children to elderly concepts
    A curry that can make you smile!
    Once delicious 🎵
  • Rakuten Travel Asahi Festival Festival Kagawa Prefecture No. 1

    Rakuten Travel Asahi Festival at this time in 2017

    I was able to get ranked number one in Kagawa prefecture superbly!

    As a result of customers' patronage from everyday,

    We all staff very much thankful.

    In order to meet everyone's smile from now on,

    Deliciousness We will try hard while pursuing pleasure every day.