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Legal plan

  • Setouchisou, we can help you prepare everything "legendary dinner", "catered" and "god of altar" of legal requirements.
    Please remember the deceased person and spend your thought at Setouchisou, an important moment of the legendary day.


  • Occasion altar···We will prepare all the venue setup etc here.※Each sect is Honjin.
  • Japanese type


  • At a banquet hall of large, medium and small size according to the number of people, you can use it both in Japanese style and in Western style.



Regular meeting course¥ 5,000 per person(¥ 5,940), 6,000 yen(¥ 7,128), ¥ 7,000(¥ 8,316)


Aristocratic equipment

A god of flowers(pair)3,000 yen(3,240 yen)
Overlap mochi(pair)1,200 yen(1,296 yen)
Small mochi100 yen(¥ 108)
Buns head150 yen(¥ 162)
Hanabi(Three pairs)3,000 yen(3,240 yen)
A cake300 yen(¥ 324)
Buddha rice·Tea ceremony machineServices
Fruit pack¥ 2000(2,160 yen)
Bamboo grass¥ 10,000(10800 yen)
Tae(Confectionery·Buns head)¥ 10,000(10800 yen)
Tower¥ 1,000(1,080 yen)
Buddhist service(Shingoniste)¥ 1,000(1,080 yen)
Golden seal100 yen(¥ 108)
Nursery items (seaweed, tea etc.)¥ 2000(2,160 yen)
Legal bag(Buddhist memorial service)200 yen(216 yen)

For takeaway·Cod

  • Red-boiled take-away

    800 yen(864 yen)
    1,200 yen(1,296 yen)
    1,500 yen(¥ 1,620)
  • Take-away rolled sushi

    1,200 yen(1,296 yen)
    1,500 yen(¥ 1,620)
    ¥ 1,800(1,994 yen)
  • Hand raised food set

    1,500 yen(¥ 1,620)

    ※Products of fruits and dried goods vary depending on the season.We receive consultation according to set contents and fee.
  • Bunny head set

    ¥ 1,300(1,404 yen)

    ※We receive consultation according to set contents and fee.

    Green white top bun(10 credits)
    ¥ 1,300(1,404 yen)
  • Tea set

    ¥ 2,500(¥ 2,700)

    We will assemble according to the amount.

Schedule of use