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Please eat fresh materials, including seafood in Setouchi happily.

Please eat deliciously the variety of seafood's taste to your heart 's content every season of Setouchi boast.It is with Sanuki Udon all course.

Luxurious full course dinner

  • 【Honorable Gourmet plan our hotel】★Main course top-class full course dinner with selected local produce

    Dinner is a plan that was upgraded.

    Dinner was relaxing at the renovated restaurant in a private room style seat
    ※If there are many people or children are small, we may arrange for you at the banquet hall.
    Please fill in the remarks column when there is a request.

    Dinner menu
    ·Special aperitif
    ·Homemade sweet potato soup
    ·Setouchi's fresh sashimi
    ·Chicken egg with steamed octopus and shrimp
    ·Assorted tempura
    ·Pork shabu-shabu and ground vegetables shabu-shab set
    ·Sanuki Udon
    ·Setouchi special Taimeshi
    ·Chef's special dessert
  • 【Standard】Setouchi Shabu-shabu Kaiseki

    Shabu-shabu cuisine Full cooking dinner(One case)
    course cuisine using Satoko's Fortune as a course meal
    We will serve each item individually in a trendy restaurant's private room seating
    ※If there are many people or children are small,
    We may arrange for you at the banquet hall.

    ·Homemade sweet potato soup
    ·Four Setouchi of fresh sashimi in Setouchi
    ·Chicken egg with steamed octopus and shrimp
    ·Shabu-shabu of domestic pig and local shrimp of vegetables
    ·Sanuki Udon
    ·Grilled eggplant with miso
    ·Setouchi special Taimeshi
  • 【With snapper's shabu-shabu】Setouchi Kaiseki Plan

    ★Setouchi Kaiseki cuisine with main dish★It is plan of
    We will serve grade-up kaiseki cuisine using Setouchi's good for each item at a fashionable restaurant's private restaurant like course meal
    ※If there are many people or children are small, we may arrange for you at the banquet hall.

    It is a plan that prepared a snapper shabu-shab on the main dish.
    Besides the main
    ·Assorted Setouchi sashimi
    ·Chickpea with octopus and cherry blossoms
    ·Special sweet soup
    ·Pork Shabu-shabu
    ·Sanuki Udon

  • Children's Menu

    Dinner Children's menu

    Chef special beef stew
    Savory egg custard
    Sanuki udon

    ※We offer all the owner's menu with dinner.
    Junior high school students and above are the same cuisines as adults.

    ※For those who wish to change such as allergies, please contact the hotel in advance.

Kagawa's local sake set

Select local sake of Kagawa
  • Kagawa's local sake drinking comparison set

    Please enjoy drinking comparison of the sake of the three companies Kagawa boasts with cold sake.
    "Fee", 980 yen(tax included)

    Kagawa's Sake Rice "Sanuki Good M?"

    Breeding started at Kagawa University's Faculty of Agriculture from 1990 to build Kagawa's original sake rice.It was born from about 1000 thousand individuals by "Ooseto" and "Yamada Nishiki".

    You can enjoy each sake using that "Sanuki Good Morning" 🎵

    "Kinryuruma" pure rice brewing waste disposal

    "Ayakakiku", pure rice liquor Ayakakiku, good Ayakakiku

    "Kawakura", glazed crane, Sanuki Good Mat

  • Sanuki wine

    The moonlight of Seto(360 ㎖)
    It is a classic red wine brewed in Muscat · Berry A from Kagawa Prefecture.Since it is finished in a light body and fruity, it is very easy to drink and matches a variety of dishes.One hundred views of Seto(360 ㎖)
    It is white wine, mainly DELAWA produced from Kagawa prefecture, which has been keeping making Sanuki wineries since its establishment, and it will be a fruity and easy-to-drink Nakaguchi type.It is finished in a soft taste by low temperature fermentation.