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Rakuten Travel Award 2019

  • Rakuten Travel Gold Award 2019

    The Rakuten Travel Award 2019 is a system that recognizes, among the approximately 30,000 registered accommodation facilities nationwide, those that have achieved remarkable achievements in the past year and have been highly evaluated.

    This time, I received the prestigious Gold Award.
    In addition, Japan's top 47 Kagawa Prefecture first place breakfast festival Kagawa Prefecture first place
    Achieved three crowns annually

    Thanks to the patronage of many customers.
    Thank you for taking this opportunity.

    Let's be ashamed of this prestigious award in the future
    We will strive to be a hotel that can be supported by everyone.


  • Free night view bus tour

    Every evening we are on service ever since 8:00 at night!

    Starting from the front door of the Setouchisou, you will have a panoramic view of the city of Sakaide on the way and you will enjoy the leisurely night view of the Setouchi at the summit observation deck. While watching the night view, leisurely relaxing the glass at the restaurant is nice, but if you are a couple, please touch "Legend of key". "Legend of key" is that the thought is fulfilled if the key of the observation deck (padlock) is applied to the fence of the observation deck and the key is thrown towards the sea. There are also many people who visit and repeatedly lock each time.You can also enjoy the night view of the Seto Ohashi Bridge that was lit up in the immediate vicinity, heading to Seto Ohashi Park.
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2-1-20 Tokiwa Town, Sakaide City

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2 minutes from Sakaide North IC. (Okayama Seto Ohashi Bridge area) 15 minutes from Sakaide IC. (Akashi Ohashi Bridge Shikoku area) 7 minutes taxi from JR Sakaide Station

JR Sakaide Station takes about 10 minutes by taxi from JR Sakaide Station.
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  • Flow of the legal process

    For details, please contact directly.

    Group·Banquet·Legal department
    Reception hours from 10:00 to 18:00
    TEL, 0877-45-6000

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